version 0.0.1

version 0.0.2 (Limited edition Christmas version at: )

by Jackj106 games.

this is the FIRST game ever made and made public using TIC - Tiny computer.( ALT LINK )

A Pet simulator where you can pet or feed a cat! good for when your bored!

the star is blushy cats rating of you. this will display a message when it gets high enough.

the heart is blushy cats affection towards you. it can be used to get cat beds and cat toys that generate affection automatically.

the fullness and enjoyment bars don't do much either. they just kinda are there to be there.

Beyond the controls that explained on the screen, there are a few more advanced controls.

These advanced controls are:

  • Left: Get cat bed/cat bed upgrade. costs 100 stars, but sometimes you are required to use 100 stars multiple times to upgrade.
  • Right: Upgrade cat toy. same stars cost as the bed.
  • Up: Upgrade cat food. has the same cost and principle of the bed/toy upgrade, but costs affection instead.
  • Down:Upgrade Petting. same principle as food.

BTW, the thing that thing that flies over the screen when you feed blushy cat is a cat treat.

Made in TI.C. aka TIny Computer by nesbox.

Update notes for 0.0.2:

  • implemented upgrades.
  • added cat beds and toys.
  • made it more fun (hopefully)

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Published 266 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags8-bit, cats, meow, nesbox, Retro, tic


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Amazing sprite design! (coming from someone who sucks at it :P)

Thank you! :)

i used to make minecraft mods, so pixel art was a must!

Deleted post

you mean the TIC window is cut off?

i use 1000(W) X 500(H)

hope it helps :)

Deleted post

i played this game for over 30 minutes. I feel accomplished.

Achievement Get: Major League Petting

Achievement Get: Amaze player


thank you so much for that much dedication into playing this game.

-Jackj106 games