A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to pokey the hedgehog, a parody of sonic the hedgehog.

collect rings to progress through levels and attempt to get to level 255.



X:mute music(i know the music is bad sorry.)

Z:multiple functions. displayed on screen.

this version is for playing offline (or at least once downloaded)

if i get a lot of support for this game, i will update with more enemies as you go through more levels and new features. maybe even a sequel.

Now available on Gamejolt! https://gamejolt.com/games/pokey-the-hedgehog/2359...

Install instructions

Instructions for all:

extract .zip file or just download in itch.io client.


Windows version (PokeyV1.4.0.zip):

in the extracted folder, launch the shortcut.

HTML (works on windows, mac, and linux)version:

in the extracted folder, open the .html file in your browser.


Pokey V1.4.0.zip 1 MB
Pokey The Hedegehog(outdated).zip 1 MB
pokey(Outdated).exe 2 MB
pokey.html(outdated) 3 MB
Pokey V1.4.0 - HTML.zip 733 kB

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